Radamenes the cat is living proof that compassion is contagious.

When this little black cat was brought into an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, he was in pretty terrible shape. Suffering from a serious upper respiratory infection, Radamenes was given a grave diagnosis from the vets at the shelter. Given the extent of his condition, vets contemplated euthanizing the cat to end his suffering, but then Radamenes started to purr. With this, the vets realized that Radamenes was not ready to give up on life yet, so they opted to begin treatment.


And thank goodness they did because now Radamenes is returning the favor by helping other animals at the shelter recover.

Once Radamenes regained his strength, he started to befriend the other animals at the shelter. 


The shelter staff noticed he was particularly fond of animals who had just undergone major surgeries or procedures. 


The shelter’s staff noticed that Radamenes would hug and clean the other animals – just like a doting nurse would.


The shelter’s staff refers to Radamenes as their new “mascot.”


Sometimes when you’re sick, all you need is a loving cuddle or a warm hug to help you through it. This is where Radamenes comes in. 


The kind people who helped Radamenes recover showed this little cat some compassion, and now he is spreading it around to help the other animals in the shelter.


Way to go, Radamenes!

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All image source:TVMeteo