After Hope for Paws received a call about yet another abandoned dog, Lisa and JoAnne headed to the location. According to locals, Blondie, the dog, had been abandoned with her mother and siblings by someone who lived on the street but no longer wanted them. On top of that, Blondie’s mother was hit by a car and her siblings disappeared. Poor girl! That’s a lot to go through … so she definitely gets a pass for giving her rescuers such a hard time.

Even using their most tried and true methods – food, humane traps, nets – the rescuers could not outsmart Blondie! Even after calling Eldad in on the rescue, it took two days before Lisa and JoAnne caught Blondie … and even that was a struggle! The whole ordeal was pretty scary for Blondie, but after she met a new friend named Yoda and received tons of cuddles, she calmed down. Blondie is now receiving training and finally learning to enjoy life.


Once her training is completed, Blondie will be ready for adoption! If you’d like to offer this sweet girl a forever home, click here.