Is there any group dogs that dogs don’t get along with? People? Duh. Cats? Of Course! Sea Creatures? You’d never expect it, but yes indeed! In fact, dogs are so agreeable that they make great foster parents for any animal species.

Just take this dog and goat, for example!


When this puppy’s family temporarily fostered a runt goat kid, they had no idea that their service pup-in-training would take her under his wing so quickly.

Being a furry foster parent is a full-time job. Here you can see the pup giving the kid the education she needs to be great. Our timid goat friend will undoubtedly become a showstopper soon!

As the runt of the family, she was barely larger than a typical banana. But we bet that she’ll be turning all kinds of heads and demanding all types of attention if she learns how to think like a dog. Besides, it’s not about how big you are, it’s about how big you feel!

As this story shows, parents and foster moms come in all shapes and sizes – love knows no species.

All image source: mindfulpotato/Imgur