Another amazing rescue from Hope for Paws! While the pup in question might have started out as a scared, defensive dog, by the end he turned out to be a total mush who just wanted to be loved.

Eldad and Loreta first found Keanu, the Poodle-mix in need, wedged between a wall and a car. To make matters worse, the car was low to the ground. Going under the car wasn’t an option, squeezing between the wall and car was impossible … so Eldad had no choice but to climb on top! Seeing this rescuer maneuver the leash around Keanu is nothing short of astonishing.


Once Keanu was escorted out of his makeshift dungeon, he turned into quite the little prince. Like Loreta said, he was extremely sweet … and after his spa treatment, he was extremely cute! Keanu is now a playful and happy boy living it up in foster care and waiting for his forever home.

If you’re interested in bringing this handsome little prince home, click here. To donate to Hope for Paws, click here.