As Pride Month comes to an end, our support for queer and trans-owned businesses should not. Rather than buying into the rainbow capitalism of large corporations, give your support to some of these amazing LGBTQ-owned and operated vegan restaurants and food companies throughout the US. This list features everything from donut trucks to pop-up taco shops! Check it out:

1. Lagusta’s Luscious

In 2003, Lagusta Yearwood founded her iconic chocolate brand, Lagusta’s Luscious, keeping in mind the values of social justice, environmentalism, and veganism. The brand works closely with its suppliers and operates with transparency to ensure sustainability and ethical labor practices. They also maintain their commitment to sustainability in all aspects of their work by composting and using 100% post-consumer recycled boxes and packing materials! Not only are Lagusta’s chocolates ethically made, but they also taste fantastic. Some of the delicious treats include Earl Grey and Preserved Orange Bars, Smoky Corn on the Cob Chocolate Bars, Tahini Meltaways, and Strawberry Balsamic Caramels. You can buy Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates at their store in New Paltz;  Lagusta’s Luscious Commissary, their cafe in New Paltz; Confectionary, a sweets shop they share with Sweet Maresa’s in the East Village; or online!

2. V Marks the Shop


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V Marks the Shop is a Black and queer-owned vegan convenience store in Philadelphia that prioritizes the values of community, compassion, and convenience. Carmella Lanni-Giardina and Carlo Giardina’s store carries a wide range of vegan brands, such as Vafels plant-based Liège waffles, Plant Provisions deli slices, and Vegan Zeastar plant-based seafood! V Marks the Shop also carries a few of their own baked goods and food from local vendors.

3. Seitan Rising

Seitan Rising is a queer, vegan, worker-owned cafe in Brooklyn NY. It’s the brick-and-mortar storefront that came out of a partnership between Pisces Rising Vegan and Seitan’s Helper, which both did pop-ups around the city. Amanda, Cheyanne, Christina, and Lars are the four workers and owners that make up Seitan Rising’s team. They serve a variety of delicious savory sandwiches, such as the Hammy, which includes vegan ham, tofu scramble, cheese, hollandaise, and spicy ketchup on a roll. They also have sweet pastries, including scones, cakes, and croissants.

4. Pixie Retreat


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Located in Portland, Pixie Retreat is a plant-based fast-food eatery that serves soy-, gluten-, and refined sugar-free organic meals. The menu is mostly raw, featuring options such as the Mock BLT and the Lil’ Puddin’, but there are also a few cooked options, such as the Bakn’ Cheez Burger Wrap and the German Chocolate Cake. Co-owners, Theresa and Willow, started Pixie Retreat as a wholesale company in 2007 and opened the brick-and-mortar version in 2015. That’s when the third co-owner, Anna, joined their team. If you can’t visit in person, make sure to check out their online shop!

5. Yeah Dawg


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Marino Benedetto is the chef behind the plant-based hot dog brand, Yeah Dawg! One of the company’s core beliefs is that people can be healed by food, a lesson that Benedetto realized during their five and half years as a chef and counselor at a homeless youth center. That’s where Benedetto also gained experience veganizing classic comfort foods. Now they run Yeah Dawg, which features gluten-free, soy-free, plant-based hot dogs, sausages, condiments and toppings. You can find Yeah Dawg at different pop-ups and festivals. You can also buy their hot dawgs, bratwurst, and cocoNOT bacon online!

6. LesbiVeggies


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LesbiVeggies is a queer and Black-owned vegan, gluten-free cafe in Audubon, New Jersey. Brennah Lambert started LesbiVeggies as a meal-prep and catering service, but was able to expand and open the cafe in early 2021. She has worked hard to make a space that has “an environment of inclusivity” and also serves delicious plant-based foods. The menu features everything from Breakfast Tostadas to Zucchini Corn Fritters to a Blackened Cajun Cauliflower Sandwich to Peach Cobbler Pancakes!

7. Dough Joy


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Dough Joy is a plant-based doughnut truck in Seattle that opened in May of 2021 by Sean Willis and Christopher Ballard! The business partners also own Vegan Candle Co. and Outbound Herbivore. They have so many unique doughnut flavors like sour watermelon, mango con chile, and cinnamon french toast! They also have a chik’n & waffle donut hole skewer and a rainbow pride doughnut!

8. Mis Tacones

Mis Tacones, started by Abram Bañuelos and Carlos Reynoso, is a queer and Chicanx-owned plant-based taco vendor that participates in pop-ups around Portland. The name, which translates to “my big tacos” and “my high heels” was inspired by Bañuelos’ expression of queerness through wearing stilettos. Mis Tacones serves tacos, tortas, nachos, and burritos! They also offer free food to any trans person of color upon request.

9. Ichiza Kitchen


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Ichiza Kitchen is a Portland-based pan-Asian restaurant based on the idea of “Ichiza,” which means “one sitting” or “the zen principle of stopping to contemplate one’s path.” Thus, they serve the whole order at once so customers can enjoy all of the flavor combinations. Their menu has an extensive list of teas to enjoy alongside dishes like Vegan Crab Rangoon, Mapo Tofu, and Turnip Cakes. Before becoming the owner and chef behind Ichiza Kitchen, Cyrus Ichiza was first a drag queen and then, a body-piercer. Eventually, he and his partner, Ryan Wythe, decided to open their restaurant as an inclusive space where all workers are paid equally and people are fed food that is good for them and the planet.

10. Good Cakes and Bakes

Wives and business partners, April and Michelle, opened Good Cakes and Bakes with the mission is “to provide quality baked goods that are wholesome and organic in nature; and to provide our baked goods in an environment that is positive, creative, educational and friendly to our employees and our community.” Thus, they work hard to ensure that their business is as sustainable and ethical as possible. The Black and lesbian-owned Detroit-based bakery serves gooey butter cakes, pound cakes, cupcakes, as well as a variety of other confections. If you can’t go in person, you can even get a cake shipped to you!

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