There are plenty of plant-based protein powders and green powders on the market. Currently, supplements that are trending are animal-derived collagen and bone broth powders. Last year, animal-free collagen was predicted to become a trend. Amazing Grass, a company known for its green, superfood, and protein powders is making that prediction a reality with their new Amazing Protein Glow, an alternative to animal-derived collagen supplements.

Amazing Grass grow their own greens on their family farm in Kansas and like all their other products, this powder also features those greens. It uses plants only for a “combination of nourishing protein, reviving superfoods and an excellent source of key vitamins to support collagen synthesis for healthy skin and a natural glow.”


Amazing Protein Glow Chocolate Rose

Source: Amazing Grass

Vice president of marketing and innovation at Amazing Grass, Ryan Therriault says, “Although collagen and bone broth powders are finding huge success in the protein powder category, until now, there have been no plant-based alternatives to choose from… That’s why we’re so excited for the debut of Amazing Protein Glow. The new supplement provides the value driven, plant-based consumer with an animal-free collagen solution that’s uniquely tailored to support healthy skin, hair and nails for a natural radiance.”

Amazing Protein Glow has 15g of plant protein per serving as well as, “Rose Petal, Holy Basil, Acerola Cherry, Guava and lemon peel to help support collagen synthesis and production” and plant-derived B Complex and C vitamins plus 100% DV biotin. It is available in three flavors: Wild Berry Hibiscus, Vanilla Honeysuckle, and Chocolate Rose. Like their other powder products, they can be mixed with water, into smoothies, or used in baking.

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Lead Image Source: Amazing Grass