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Those of you on Tik Tok might have noticed a recent trend that touts liquid chlorophyll as having certain health benefits. But, what is chlorophyll? Basically, chlorophyll is what makes plants green.  Plants use chlorophyll to help turn sunlight into energy. Whenever we eat green vegetables and leaves, we inadvertently get a dose of chlorophyll for ourselves.

Liquid chlorophyll can be readily bought in pharmacies and online. The kind of chlorophyll that is bought as a supplement usually comes in the form of chlorophyllin which is actually better absorbed into the body than when it is eaten from a natural source.

However, leafy green vegetables contain loads of chlorophyll. That’s what gives them their green color.  Spinach, kale, collards, and broccoli all have high chlorophyll contents and are in themselves highly nutritious. You can enjoy a big bowl of veggies and get the possible benefits of chlorophyll at the same time without having to buy a supplement.

What are the Health Benefits of Chlorophyll?

There many claims that chlorophyll can help prevent cancer, stimulate the immune system, detoxify the blood and eliminate body odor amongst other things. However, though promising in many ways, research for these claims is still in the early stages and is limited at this moment.  That said, here is a little of what the scientific community knows already about the most popular health claims-

  • Skin Healing– Research suggests that chlorophyll can help with inflammation and alleviate symptoms of sun damage in the skin.  Using a product, such as an ointment that contains chlorophyll would work better as a topical treatment in this case. 
  • Weight Loss–  One study claimed that a group that took chlorophyll supplements lost more weight than the control group that did not, but the results are not conclusive and more research is needed.
  • Odor–  A recent study claims that chlorophyll can help people who have trimethylaminuria.  This is a condition that causes people to give off a fishy smell due to a build-up of triethylamine in the body.  However, claims that it can help with bad breath or other odor issues appear to be little researched.

So, should I bother?

Well, though the mega health claims of chlorophyll might be a little premature at this stage, there is certainly no harm in adding more green veggies to your diet.  Dark green veggies and leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll as well as having a plethora of other essential vitamins and nutrients.  If you still want to have a go at introducing chlorophyll into your diet without delving into the world of liquid chlorophyll, here is a list of chlorophyll-rich veggies that will provide you with a ton of other nutrients, too.

  • SpinachThis green is high in soluble fiber, vitamins A, C K1, folic acid, calcium, and famously, iron!  Spinach is said to improve eye health and help prevent heart disease.  There are lots of inventive ways to incorporate more spinach into your diet, such as with this recipe for Creamy Coconut Spinach Dip.
  • Kale–  As well as chlorophyll, kale is rich in vitamins A, K, C, and B6 as well as manganese, calcium, magnesium, copper, and potassium.  A cup of raw kale is said to contain more vitamin C than a whole orange and is one of the best sources of vitamin K which is important in blood clotting.  Try this Massaged Kale Salad for a real King Kale kick.
  • Alfalfa–  This little plant is incredibly rich in vitamin K, C, copper, manganese, and iron.  A member of the legume family, it is often grown to feed cattle due to its high nutrient value.  However, alfalfa sprouts are really delicious and can be easily sprouted at home to use in salads and on sandwiches.
  • Collards–  Another chlorophyll-rich veggie, collards greens are also one of the best plant-based sources of calcium.  Try these Blanched Collard Wraps for a boost of nutrients and a fine dose of chlorophyll.
  • Parsley– It doesn’t need to be a limp little sprig of green cast away to the side of your plate. Parsley can become a star player in your diet.  This little green is very high in nutrients and has many health benefits.  It is rich in vitamins A, C, and K as well as calcium, potassium, and iron.  It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, too.  Try this Parsley Pumpkin Seed Pesto or Chimichurri Sauce and elevate the humble parsley to more than just a toss-away garnish.

The known health benefits of chlorophyll might still be in the early stages of research, but the known health benefits of eating your greens are not.  While it may not be your primary intention, eating more greens will benefit you in so many ways as well as giving you that dose of chlorophyll.

Here a few chlorophyll products if you’re looking to give it a try:

1. Chloroxygen® Mint Chlorophyll Concentrate 2-Ounce Bottle

Chloroxygen® Mint Chlorophyll Concentrate 2-Ounce Bottle

Source: Chloroxygen® Mint Chlorophyll Concentrate 2-Ounce Bottle

2. Organic Chlorophyll Liquid Drops by MaryRuth’s

 Organic Chlorophyll Liquid Drops by MaryRuth's

Source: Organic Chlorophyll Liquid Drops by MaryRuth’s

3. Benevolent Nourishment Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

Benevolent Nourishment Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

Source: Benevolent Nourishment Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only.  Always consult a medical professional before introducing new supplements into your diet or changing your diet in any way.

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