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Halloween comes, and it goes. In the end, many families are left with more bags of candy than a healthy diet can handle. Not only have the kids gone out and trick-or-treated themselves into gluttony, but often the candy meant to give to other trick-or-treaters has surpluses to deal with it. Oh, what a horrid problem! Some might say.

Of course, it’s all exciting for a day or two, but the sugary delights do run their course. Kids get wild. Parents become lethargic as they crash from the sugar rush and wrangling hopped-up children. It all gets a bit sickly after a while, and that’s usually long before the coffers are near empty.

So, if we can imagine that situation when a bunch of candy isn’t a good thing (Is it ever, really?), then it is time to start imagining what we might do with all of it. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, not even a month away. Then, it’s Christmas parties galore. How many treats does one family need in two months? What are we going to do with all this damned candy?

1. Donate It to Others

Many people Donate excess and unwanted candy. Sending it to the troops is a really popular method for this. “Treats for Troops”, Operation Gratitude, and Operation Shoebox are three different charities that help with getting sweets to soldiers and veterans. A second option for donation is to give it to the Ronald McDonald House programs, which will pass it on to families in need.

2. Bring It to Work

For all those singles at the office, the ones who were likely out at a Halloween party rather than giving out candy or chaperoning children, well they like to have treats now and again, too. And, what a way to display there is no grudge over them getting to dance the night away on Halloween while you played a game of “Seriously, this is the last one. No more candy.”

3. Use It as Party Favors

Is anyone in this house having a birthday party or some other kind of party any time soon? Wouldn’t it be great if each party favor grab bag had a piece of candy or the snack table had a bowl for guests to browse? Hey, this could save a party thrower a few pennies as well. Not a bad way to use up some leftover candy.

4. Stash It for Later

When stored in an airtight container, hardy candy can last up to a year, plain chocolate can go for eight or nine months, and even chocolates with peanut butter and other such stuff can survive six months, long past Valentine’s Day and right about the time the Easter bunny comes hopping along.

5. Add It to Treats

Candy doesn’t have to just be eaten as is. Chocolate kisses and candy bars can be sliced and diced to add to other treats, like cookies or ice cream sundaes. M&Ms, Skittles, and all the rest can find homes, too. Granted, this doesn’t get the candy out of the family diet exactly, but this could be desserts for Thanksgiving, school parties, or other such events.

6. Stuff It in Stockings

With Christmas only a couple of months away, a lot of this candy can be packed away to use for that candy. It’ll still be good with time to spare, so instead of going out and getting more candy, just tuck some of Halloween’s candy somewhere safe so that it can return as Christmas’s candy. No one else needs to know, right?  These stocking stuffers won’t create additional trash.

7. Put It on Gingerbread Houses

While in the Christmas spirit, there’s a lot of Halloween candy that could find its way onto those homemade gingerbread houses the kids want to make. Rather than buying in more, the candy corns, Skittles, and other such stuff could adorn a gingerbread house that will likely never be eaten. That’s one way for everyone to step closer to a low-sugar diet.

Finding new, constructive avenues for excess Halloween candy can help make others happy, can keep the family healthy (or, at least, healthier), and can potentially reduce waste by repurposing this excess Halloween candy into candy for another holiday.

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