We all recognize the first and best way to deal with the overabundance of plastic is to avoid buying it, to begin with. However, at times plastic can be hard to avoid, but instead of letting it go to waste, consider practicing the art of upcycling and turning it into a plant nursery!

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For this project, a plastic fruit container with drainage holes will work best, but you can use what you have. When you have your container ready, add some soil, add in your seeds, and add water. Close the container for a greenhouse effect and let the water drain. Keep your container in direct sunlight and watch your plant grow in no time! This hack is so simple yet so rewarding.

While these projects are fun and can teach the lesson of repurposing and upcycling, if we keep adding to the plastic bottle problem, it’ll be impossible to ever catch up. For something that is supposed to be quick and convenient, there is nothing quick or convenient about the complete lifecycle of a plastic object. It spends a mere fraction of its existence serving a purpose. And the rest of the time, you’ll find, that it is a nuisance and threatens the health of the environment, animals, and even people. This is why it’s important to choose reusable items wherever possible and purchase plastic with recycled content.

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