The city of Boynton Beach, Florida is the first city in the world to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty, which was launched on August 31st after being written up by a team of activists.

The Plant-Based Treaty was mainly designed for cities and states for a larger impact, as it can help them to start promoting better choices amongst their communities. The goal of the treaty is to help individuals and communities practice sustainability and fight global warming by moving away from animal agriculture to promote more plant-based living.

Rebecca Harvey, the city’s first sustainability coordinator, said, “The City of Boynton Beach has committed to reducing community-wide greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent by 2035 and achieving net zero by 2050. Promoting plant-based diets is an important way to help meet this goal and help improve the health and sustainability of our city.” 

The City of Boynton Beach doesn’t plan on removing meat or the choice of eating meat. They only wish to show people how great plant-based diets are by including more plant-based options in their communities.

This isn’t the only city looking to cut back on its animal agriculture pollution, however. Berkeley, California also decided to cut some of its meat spendings earlier this summer and instead, focus on spending more on plant-based foods to cut back on climate change.

These small changes can make a big difference as the meat industry creates so much more pollution than the plant-based industry does. 

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