Sometimes it is hard to find vegan products, or you don’t have access to much vegan food, that is why we are going to talk about how to shop vegan. It can be hard to get vegan food depending on where you live, especially if you don’t have options like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.

Many people don’t have access to many different kinds of vegan products, and they have to find ways to make do. Not to mention that vegan products often can fit on a tight food budget. The good thing is that there are always options available, even if you live somewhere that doesn’t have the best vegan scene. Don’t worry! This list is sure to help you get vegan options wherever you are!

How to Shop Vegan With Limited Options

Shop Vegan Online

By far, the best option when it comes to how to shop vegan with limited options is to shop online. You can find everything that you need online, no matter what kind of vegan product you are looking for. This can even be a budget-friendly option as many online stores offer better prices. This also gives you the leisure of being able to order from the comfort of your home.

Amazon is a great place to shop for vegan products, as it has a wide range to choose from. It also comes with free shipping on certain products, and you can get two-day delivery!

Here is a list of some of the best places to buy vegan products online:

Shop Vegan at Asian Markets

Asian food shops and markets often carry vegan food options, such as noodles, tofu, miso, rice cakes, and condiments. This makes Asian food shops a wonderful place to look for some vegan treats if your local grocery store has limited options. This is also a great place to get more variety of produce since they often carry more diverse produce than other grocery stores. You can also find many interesting rice and soybean-based foods there that are often vegan-friendly.

Find Health or Allergy Food Sections

Most grocery stores have two sections that are a great place to stop at if you are vegan. One section is the health food section, where you can often find vegan-friendly wonton wrappers, tofu, and vegan sausage. If your grocery store doesn’t have this secession or it is poorly stocked, try the allergy-free section. This grocery store section carries all kinds of allergy-free items, many of which are vegan! This is a great place to find hidden vegan treats and foods in your own grocery store. Since eggs and dairy are also considered to be allergens. Most foods in this section will be gluten-free, but it is still worth having a look at what is available.

Stick With Pantry Staples

Produce, beans, rice, oats, noodles, marinara sauce, bread, the list goes on! Everyone (even omnis) eats a bunch of plant-based foods even if they don’t realize it. You don’t need the fancy vegan meats and cheeses to be vegan. You can just as easily have a healthy and delicious plant-based diet with ingredients that are easy to find everywhere. Oftentimes these ingredients will also be quite inexpensive and versatile!

More Resources for Those With Limited Options

If you have a small grocery budget or just live in an area that has very limited vegan options. There are a few other things that you can do besides what we discussed in this article.

These resources can help you to make cheap vegan meals with basic ingredients, find vegan ingredients that all grocery stores sell, and find vegan restaurant options near you!

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