Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin revealed on Sunday that he would not be backing the Democratic signature $2 trillion social and environment bill. This move caused an uproar as it could potentially doom the bill altogether.

The bill would provide hundreds of billions of dollars to help millions of families with children by extending a more generous child tax credit and creating free preschool to help with child aid care. The bill would also affect other things such as high prescription drug prices, help with job training, and reduce expenses for the elderly.

The bill would rely almost solely on a significantly higher tax on the wealthy and big businesses in order to finance these changes. 

This decision from Sen. Joe Manchin is a potentially fatal blow to the legislation as well as his party, as the Democrats need to portray a portrait of unity.

Manchin said that he could only think of supporting the bill if it was a smaller, less sweeping package. If those demands are not met, he will not budge on his political position. Manchin also insinuated that the bill would fuel inflation and worsen budget deficits. 

The Democratic party supporting the bill plans to continue pressing on Manchin to reverse his decision, but many are not hopeful.

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