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Most of us have grown up knowing about Climate change. It’s a looming topic that has been discussed and debated since it was first brought to the Senate by Scientist Dr. James Hansen in the 1980s, and while some people are content to ignore the reality of this oncoming phenomenon, we are reaching a point where we simply can’t anymore.

Between drastic temperature fluxes, extreme drought, water scarcity, storms larger and more destructive than any others witnessed before, and even species extinction, Climate change is wreaking havoc on the planet. There is currently more carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere than there has been in the past 800,000 years, and the fact is these greenhouse gas emissions are coming from human industry and actions. While this might be saddening to know, it is also empowering because it means we all have the power to put an end to this. Unfortunately, since most of the population doesn’t have to face the reality of Climate change daily, it is easy to block out and ignore. This is a serious problem considering we need global action fast if we hope to save the planet (but really ourselves).

Luckily, there are awesome people like Zaria Forman who have made it their mission to wake people up from this apathy. Forman uses art to inspire people to take interest in the world’s disappearing landscapes. Her primary focus is on glaciers.

Using only pastel and her fingers to smudge, Forman creates hyperrealistic glacier drawings. 

Woman painting

On her Facebook page, Zaria describes her work as “large scale pastel drawings that document Earth’s shifting landscape and the effects of progressive Climate change.”


Her inspiration to start drawing glaciers came from her childhood experience traveling to the world’s most remote landscapes with her family.


We’ve all heard that the ice caps are melting, but it is a very different experience to see these structures up close. 


With every detail, Forman sends the message that this is the beauty we stand to lose if we don’t make a change … soon. 



It is near impossible to look at these works of art and not be inspired to protect this gorgeous landscape. The good news is you can start taking action today! Cutting your carbon footprint is the surest way to minimize the amount of warming greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere. While you can do many little things like shutting off lights when you leave your house, choosing to walk instead of drive, and switching over to energy-efficient appliances – there is one simple action that often goes overlooked that has the highest positive impact: eating plant-based.

Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined. In addition, this industry occupies 45 percent of arable land, uses 23 percent of global freshwater resources, and is responsible for rampant deforestation, water, and air Pollution. By shifting away from meat and dairy products and choosing plant-based alternatives instead, you can help lower this rate of destruction. In just one year of eating plant-based, you can halve your carbon footprint – that’s pretty powerful!

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