Animal abuse is a crime. Therefore, when people mistreat animals, they should face criminal charges the way there were criminal charges involved after Logan Paul featured a tiger cub in a video. In Idaho, a man who fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students was unbelievably found not guilty of animal cruelty.

Robert Crosland‘s son was given a puppy by a local farmer. The son says the farmer told him the puppy was dying. Crosland took the puppy to work and what followed was a series of horrific events. Crosland tried to feed it to a python who refused the puppy. He then placed the puppy in the tank of a snapping turtle. The puppy tried to swim for his life, but was dragged down by the turtle. Eventually, the puppy drowned and the turtle ate him. After all this, the turtle was seized and euthanized by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.


The defense used to get Crosland off the hook was that he was “putting the puppy out of his misery” because the farmer said he was dying. There are plenty of ways to help a sick puppy that do not include feeding it to another animal, especially not in front of students. The students who were present testified in court that they did not think Crosland did anything wrong.

As a middle school teacher, Crosland was setting a terrible example to his students. He was normalizing animal cruelty, proven by the fact that the students testified in his defense. And the worst part aside from the not guilty verdict, is that he is still teaching.

When people commit cruel acts of abuse against animals, they should be punished and younger generations need to see that such behavior is punishable and will lead to real consequences.

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