Want to dine out with Fido? The good news is that many places allow it these days!

It’s important to note, however, that although “pet-friendly” establishments may have a separate menu for your pooch, these places won’t always allow your dog through the front door. Because of local and state health ordinances, all restaurants, even pet-friendly ones, won’t allow it, unless your canine companion is a service dog. And the term “pet-friendly” usually means “dogs,” so if you want to have a dinner out with your bunny, guinea pig, or cat, that might not fly with the restaurant owners, unless they’re left in their cages or kennel.

Although this oxymoron might dampen your mood, it shouldn’t because there are so many wonderful restaurants out there that do try and cater to your pet companions. Even if it means sitting at an outside table, you and your dog can enjoy quality time together. Not to mention, you both can get some fresh air and sun!

Here are 8 of the best pet-friendly restaurants in the U.S.:

1. Barking Dog Luncheonette – New York City, NY

On the upper east side of Manhattan, Barking Dog Luncheonette is an inviting place for you and your dog with outdoor seating wrapped around the corner of 3rd Avenue and 94th Street. Serving up hearty American fare, this luncheonette is great for brunch. There’s even a “dog bar” for your pooch, a water fountain for pet companions.

2. The Hobbit Cafe – Houston, TX

You can feel the merriment and joy of being a hobbit at this quaint, little Hobbit Cafe in the heart of Houston. Adorned with Lord of the Rings regalia, this place is perfect for fans, both humans and pooches. They have delicious vegetarian sandwiches named after Lord of the Rings characters, like the Bilbo the Magnificent sandwich. You’ll feel like you’re in the Shire enjoying some munchies right next to Bilbo Baggins at this cafe.

 3. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company – Portland, OR

This friendly neighborhood pub was created by two friends who thought they would be “lucky dogs” if they were able to successfully open up a brew pub. And they did! The Lucky Labrador Brewing Company now has four locations in Portland and serve American pub food and brew craft beers. There are large open patios for your four-legged companions to accompany you on a night out.

4. Cat & Fiddle – Los Angeles, CA

Here’s a Hollywood favorite that will make you and your pup feel like a million bucks. Serving British pub fare, the Cat & Fiddle restaurant and pub has a separate menu for four-legged guests, which includes dishes like Roll over Rover and Hits the Spot. Located on Sunset Boulevard, this place is great on summer evenings, where live jazz bands play on the open patio.

 5. Bad Dog Tavern – Chicago, IL

The name doesn’t insinuate bad dog behavior! Your dog should still be on a leash at all times. But, the Bad Dog Tavern is definitely dog-friendly. You could even bring in a framed picture of your dog for the tavern’s Bad Dog Hall of Fame. Eat up on some pizza. And try “over 75 American and Belgian Craft beers, a sizable wine list and 17 signature martinis, all named after some of our favorite k-9’s,” while watching a game on their many television screens.

Come. Sit. Stay. (That’s their motto.)

6. The Liberty Hotel’s “Yappier Hour” – Boston, MA

During the spring and summer, Wednesdays are dedicated to pups of all sizes at the Liberty Hotel courtyard! From 5:30 – 8 p.m., four-legged guests can invite their human companions to this doggie happy hour for some drinks. This outdoor patio offers an outdoor lounge area, perfect for humans and dogs alike to wind down from a long day. “Yappier Hour” features a selection of “puptails and muttinis” for every dog.

7. FARMiCiA – Philadelphia, PA

The lively FARMiCiA restaurant is a great place for enjoying some local, organic, and seasonal food! This place is great for meat eaters and plant-based eaters alike. Four-legged friends can enjoy the outdoor seating on this lovely street. Plus, there are quite a few vegan and vegetarian entrees to choose from.

8. Argonaut Tavern – Washington, DC

Located near Gallaudet University, this unique tavern hosts doggie happy hour every Saturday. Dogs will be treated with the tavern-made pop tarts and doggie doughnuts! The pub fare is not bad on your wallet either. You can find great bargains for you and your pup in this D.C. local pub.

This is just a start to the many places that truly cater to all of us out there who rarely leave the house without Fido by our side! Do you know of any great pet-friendly restaurants no listed here? Let us know in the comments!

 Image source: Trail Dog Treats / Creative Commons