The Ministry of Justice in South Korea has announced its intention of passing a new amendment that acknowledges animals to be sentient beings.

The act currently states that animals are corporeal beings, meaning that they are mainly just objects. Officials are hoping that this new and improved amendment will reduce cases of neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

The amendment is due to pass next month and is one of a handful of countries to have acknowledged animals to be worthy of rights.

Many South Korean households have started to take in pets in recent years and thus, the government decided that it was time to further protect the animals by preventing abuse and neglect. Furthermore, the number of reported cases of animal mistreatment has been rapidly growing – from 265 reported cases in 2015 to 973 cases in 2019. Unfortunately, these numbers don’t reflect the hundreds of cases that go unreported.

The amendment states that the new legislation will not only protect the rights of animals, but also shape a better society where animals are treated as living creatures, rather than objects. Hopes are high that this amendment will take strides towards the humane treatment of animals by providing legal incentives to stop animal neglect and abuse. 

Sign this petition to tell the European Union to pass laws declaring that all animals are “sentient beings” with rights to legal protection!

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