An anthrozoologist started to do research around the relationship between pets and their human “parents”.

This research led the anthrozoologist to interview twenty-eight child-free pet owners to study the relationship between pets and their human parents.

The conclusion of this research came down to the human instinct to nurture. Modern-day society has allowed people to make more individual choices, and one of those choices often involves not having kids. But natural instincts still lead us to want to nurture someone. So where does that leave us? Well, it usually leads to caring for what many would call our “fur babies”. Unlike caring for actual children, it requires far less time, worry, and finances. They are the perfect substitution for a child and thus, all of those unfulfilled instincts to nurture are often directed towards them.

The research also showed that those who were child-free invest more into their pets, financially and time-wise, than their counterparts who parent other humans.

This did not mean that the people actually acted as though their pets were their children. They understood the differences and still treated them like pets for the most part.


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