When you care for an animal, you view them as another member of the family, not just as a pet. This is especially true for dogs, our best friends, who just fit the bill as perfect, loyal companions. They’re such good friends that they’ll even console their human parents in times of need.

A hug from a good friend when you’re sad is always comforting, but what might be even better is a bit of consoling from your beloved pooch. When you are sad and your dog greets you with that lovable face, don’t you just melt? What if he could stroke your hairline just like your mom did when you were sick? It’s possible!

The Dalmation in this video comforts his owner in the same way a human pal might, by taking the dad’s head in his paws, then stroking his head as if to say “Hey, relax. Everything is going to be okay. I’ve got you.” How sweet!

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