It’s been said that dogs are a human’s best friend, but these loyal animals are far more than that — they’re our teachers, too! Dogs can even show tiny babies a trick or two.

Check out this heartwarming video, which is perfectly titled Buddy’s Baby Crawling School. The baby and her best doggie friend seem to have quite a good system worked out to get this baby crawling. The baby might be new to this whole crawling thing, but the adorable dog knows how it’s done. To “crawl,” the dog slides across the carpet on his belly. Watch as the dog mimics a crawling motion, and how the baby reacts in sheer glee at the lesson.


This pair are just two cute peas in a pod, aren’t they? Now the only question is, who’s cuter, the dog or the baby? It’s basically impossible to decide. These two make one adorable team.

Image source: Valerie Stevens-Scott/Youtube