Hens used in the meat and egg industry suffer immensely for the sake of consumption and profit. These intelligent, social beings are confined for the majority of their lives in cramped cages (as is the case for battery hens) or in packed and dirty warehouses (in the case of broiler chickens).

Concern for these animals is rare to find in factory farming facilities, where hens are considered commodities and are forced to suppress their instincts for the entirety of their short lives. These birds rarely receive the chance to feel the sun or touch the grass – most only know a life of constant pain and suffering.

On the other end of the spectrum, hens at farm sanctuaries receive the love, care, attention, and consideration they have always deserved. They are free from a life of suffering and are allowed to develop their unique personalities and take pleasure in small everyday miracles.

In the video, watch rescued hens Eli Becky Thompson, Miranda Lee, Chris Dunham, Katya, Milo Gibson, Palmer Greening, Cameo Pink Lady, and Prairie Sky enjoy their new lives in the big outdoors at Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen, N.Y. shelter. Never has freedom looked so good!

To learn how you can help animals like these hens, check out Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Farm Animal program and other available giving opportunities right here.

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