Florence the hen who was going to be killed for meat until she was rescued by Jennifer Read who has saved over 30 animals. Unfortunately, Florence has been suffering from some health problems like a water belly (heart failure) which caused her liver to stop functioning properly and she has a tumor. But she has found comfort in a surprising best friend.

Asha the Labrador seems to just know that Florence needs her. Asha was also rescued after being found on the street five years ago and she is now ten years old.


Asha has always loved the chicken that Jennifer rescues, but in the last few weeks, she and Florence have formed a very special bond. She says: “I never expected these two to become best friends but it’s been a highlight for me during lockdown. It’s so funny because now she acts like a dog she really likes to mirror Asha. She waits by the door for us to take her for a walk, she wants to eat with Asha and even sleep with her.”

They are literally inseparable now. She has a hard time bringing Asha inside at nighttime because she just wants to be outside with Florence. They sleep together and sunbathe together. It’s truly precious. She adds: “They just hangout daily and just enjoy chilling. Wherever the chicken is, the dog is. They’ve become inseparable and it’s been so heartwarming to see their friendship budding.”

Friendship knows no bounds and these two are there for one another despite the complete difference in species. It’s as if Asha knew that Florence needed her company and care. She’s protective over her and they are definitely one of the absolute cutest best friend pairs we’ve ever seen!

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