Cosmetic animal procedures are unnecessary, extremely cruel, and should not be allowed anywhere. Quebec agrees and will ban the devocalization of dogs, ear pruning, tail chopping, declawing, and other procedures this summer.

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According to CBC News, the Agriculture Minister André Lamontagne said that the local government is drafting legislation to ban these horrible and excessive procedures. The current law has no regulations on these surgeries, and this will be a huge win for animals all over Quebec.

Declawing involves amputating the last bone and nail in all 10 of the cat’s toes. It is extremely painful for the animal, and they are naturally supposed to claw things. The procedure can cause many health and behavioral problems and lasing physical ailments for the cat. Cats should be allowed to do what comes naturally to them, and if you adopt a cat, this is something you need to understand and consider. Check out these tips for helping your cat avoid scratching your furniture without this cruel declawing.

This win comes after a petition demanding the ban of these practices received nearly 22,000 signatures and was submitted to the National Assembly. This is an excellent reminder that petitions do indeed work and are an easy way to help out!

The woman who started the petition, Alexandra Yaksich, told CBC that she was overwhelmed when she heard her petition’s impact.

“I know this is something that seems small to a lot of people, but it’s really not,” she said.

She is an animal health technician and often sees cats and young kittens who have been declawed and wanted to do something to fight this practice.

“It’s not just taking off the claw, it’s the amputation of the tip of the finger,” she said. “That has all kinds of effects.”

Yaksich said she had been determined to make sure the law was changed, one way or another, but said learning it was happening was an overwhelming moment.

Veterinary associations and animal rights groups have applauded the success of this new law, and hopefully, this will encourage other countries to follow in their footsteps. Sign this petition to ban declawing!

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