During a recent trip, a Care2 employee witnessed the heartbreaking reality for carriage horses in America. The poor horses were strapped to carriages that carried up to eight adults and forced to pull them around. Not only was it extremely hot, but it was also on hard concrete in busy city centers. This environment is extremely stressful and overwhelming for horses. When you add in having to lug around a heavy carriage full of people, it’s excruciating. One of the horses they witnessed struggled to move and was displaying physical signs of distress.

While many associate horse-drawn carriages with romantic and quaint scenes, they are anything but enjoyable for the horses involved. Many are hit by cars, collapse from exhaustion, and suffer a multitude of health issues, including respiratory issues from car exhaust. They don’t even get enough breaks to rest or drink an adequate amount of water. Thus, their life expectancy is very low. In addition to the pain inherent to the horses’ 9-hour “work day,” these horses are kept in tiny, dirty stables without any time in a pasture.

Fortunately, more people have been waking up to the horrors of this cruel industry and demanding change. Multiple cities have banned horse-drawn carriages, including Montreal, Chicago, and Rome. It’s time that other major cities follow their lead! Sign this petition to demand that Savannah and New Orleans immediately implement horse carriage bans!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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