There are over 100 million animals suffering in laboratories across the world. These animals are used for a variety of purposes ranging from testing for the toxicity of pharmaceuticals to determining if chemicals used in cosmetics are safe for human use. Animals are also kept in labs for other sorts of medical research where they are subjected to painful surgeries and procedures. No matter what industry these animals are used in, they experience an immeasurable amount of cruelty. These animals spend their entire lives in small cages where they are deprived of the most basic necessities and separated from their families. Further, these animals will never be able to comprehend why they are being held in these places or know if there will ever be a life outside of constant fear and suffering.

The most tragic part of this is the fact that there are many alternatives to using animals for testing purposes that are not only completely humane but are also much more effective. Due to the difference in human and animal biology and genetics, there is no guaranteeing that a positive reaction to a chemical in an animal means the same for a human. In fact, around 92 percent of drugs that test safe and effective in animal trials fail in human trials. It is far past time that we put an end to the use of live animals for testing purposes.


While most animals who live in labs never get happy endings, a lucky few who are rescued by organizations working to end animal testing do. In honor of World Lab Animal Day, check out these beautiful videos of former lab animals getting to experience freedom for the first time in their lives.


Lab rabbits rescued right in the nick of time enjoy the feeling of sunshine for the first time in their lives. 

These rescued former lab chimps relish in their delicious vegetable diet at their sanctuary home.


After spending their entire lives in metal crates, these former lab beagles feel grass under their feet for the first time.

Scarlett the chimp spent 23 years suffering in a laboratory. Watch her finally get a taste of freedom!

 These lab beagles finally get to experience fresh air and open spaces after years in a lab.




As consumers, we have an incredible opportunity to help end this practice by choosing cruelty-free products whenever possible and encouraging companies to consider non-animal alternatives for testing and research. The more we choose cruelty-free the more animals can have wonderful rescues like the ones featured in these videos!

Lead image source: Beagle Freedom Project