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Anytime a person selflessly steps in to save animals, it’s absolutely touching and heartwarming. But some rescues are just too adorable not to share! That’s the case with the story of this Mallard duck and her ducklings and the amazing humans who helped her out. Interestingly enough, Nathaniel Peters has gone through this rescue operation of  duck and her ducklings for four years in a row now.

Each year, the same situation happens around the same time of year, so Peters believes it could be the same mama duck making her nest on the second floor apartment balcony of his building. Either way, he knows he can’t just let the ducks go through the difficult journey alone.

He explained on Facebook that in the wild, ducklings can jump from pretty high distances to follow their moms, but the balcony walls are solid and therefore the ducklings aren’t able to jump down. So with protective personal equipment (due to the pandemic), he, his partner, and just one other neighbor created a duckling “elevator.” They put the ducklings in a basket and carefully lowered it with a rope. Then the mama jumped down.

But their kindness didn’t end there. They could have just helped them down and then left them alone, but instead they went above and beyond. Knowing that the duck and her ducklings would have to get through “city streets, cars, dogs, gulls, crows, and storm drains”, they safely guided them to the nearest waterfront. The duck and her babies basically made their way with security guards and it’s the cutest thing ever!

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