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Wildlife SOS are no strangers to rescuing leopards from wells in India. A few years ago they saved a male leopard who fell into a 60-foot-deep well. The leopard was quickly examined and released back into the wild. About a year ago, they also rescued a seven-year-old female leopard who fell into 30-foot-deep well. Recently, they saved yet another leopard.

After their rescue from about 10 months ago, Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said: “We receive rescue calls about animals trapped inside wells, very often. The wells in most villages remain exposed due to lack of proper net covers and they pose a particular danger to Indian leopards, a threatened species nearing extinction.”

Satyanarayan continued, “We are glad to see that people are becoming more sensitized towards the wild animals that share the surrounding habitats, and are making it their priority to reach out to our team and the forest department in such emergency situations.”

Thanks to local residents reaching out, another leopard’s life has been saved. As seen in the video above, Wildlife SOS was contacted about a four-year-old male leopard who fell into a 20-foot-deep well in Shirur, Maharshtra. The leopard was understandably panicking and rescuers had to move fast because he was at risk of drowning the entire time he was down in the well.

The rescue involved lowering a dry cage into the water. To get away from the water, the leopard quickly climbed in. He is currently being examined by veterinary experts and will be released back into the wild when it’s determined that he’s healthy and ready.

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