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Hog deer are a species of deer found in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and they are on the IUCN red list of endangered species. Their name comes from the way they run because unlike most deers who leap, they run like hogs through the forest with their heads low. Recently, a concerned citizen in India saw a very small baby hog deer on the side of the busy road, Chhatikara-Vrindavan, wandering around looking very confused. The passerby was nervous that baby deer might get hit by a vehicle and called the Forest department.

They then waiting nearby in case the deer’s mother returned, but when she did not do so, they called Wildlife SOS for help. Wildlife SOS have much experience saving and helping animals in need. Not long ago they saved a leopard from a lethal poaching trap. They’ve also rescued elephants from captivity, animals with terrible injuries from accidents, civets, and more! Now, this baby deer is in their care!

Hog deer fawn at Wildlife SOS rescue facility

Source: Courtesy of Wildlife SOS

The baby deer turned out to be a male about twenty days old, barely able to survive without his mother. Wildlife SOS Deputy Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Ilayaraja says, “The deer is under immense stress and we are providing him intensive care. Our animal care unit is fostering the baby and keeping a close eye on his activities. Slowly, the fawn will start adapting itself to the natural environment.”

Not only are Wildlife SOS fostering the baby deer to health, but they have plans to release him into the wild where he belongs when possible. Co-founder and CEO, Kartick Satyanarayan said, “The deer is barely a few days old and is incapable of eating and surviving on its own. We plan on reintroducing him to the wild once he has matured to a more adaptable age. We are happy to see people expressing such compassion towards this helpless baby.”

Baby hog deer rescued

Source: Courtesy of Wildlife SOS

This baby deer is incredibly lucky that someone stopped and decided to be a good person and call for help, and even more fortunate to be in the care of an organization renowned for their hard work saving and helping animals!

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