It’s always lovely when kind samaritans help animals in need. A man once guided a sea lion back home to the sea after he found himself in the woods, Phil, an emaciated lamb was found on the side of the road and taken to a sanctuary, and Andi Davis carried an injured 45-pound dog named Elijah down a mountain to safety.

One day, in Anchorage, Alaska, several people noticed a moose slipping on ice. They wanted to help, so they gathered together supplies to create a crossing for the moose. Using yoga mats, towels, and carpets they were able to create a path across the ice. The moose refused to go on the path, so the kind people moved the path to a spot they saw the moose trying to cross earlier. Fortunately, it worked! The moose still slipped a bit, but had more traction and was able to get across.

Watch the video until the end to see the moose make it!

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