Animaux en Péril, a farm animal shelter in Meslin-L’Évêque, Belgium, has become home to a very special little lamb – Lucky, who happened to be born with deformed front legs. If it had not been for the intervention from a vet intern, Lucky would have most likely been left alone at the farm without any help. Thankfully, the lamb was rescued and taken to the shelter where he is receiving necessary care. Now, Lucky is on six bottles a day, he enjoys a comfortable box of his own with lamps to keep him warm, and a plan to help his legs was already put in motion.

Lucky’s front legs were put in little casts to help them grow straight. Before the procedure, he could barely stand. Now, Lucky can finally try to walk on his own! As his caretakers point out, there is no guarantee that the situation will move forward as anticipated and the baby lamb’s legs will properly heal, but we know he is certainly in the best hands possible!


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