The planet is a more humane place thanks to the heroic work of animal rescues and sanctuaries like FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit in Tasmania that provides lifelong care for abandoned animals such as chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows, cats, and sheep.

In the above video, we see a spindly-legged baby lamb who FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary took in just recently. The sweet baby has ulceritis with painful ulcers on the corneas of her eyes, and she refused to drink for three days. After two visits to the vet, some painkillers for the ulcers and recent tail docking and ear tagging, and stomach-coating medicine in case there are ulcers in the stomach, the little lamb finally began to drink, and boy was she hungry!


If you are grateful for the work FreeHearts Animal Sanctuary does, please consider making a donation to support their efforts, which you can find out more about on their Facebook page.

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