There are so many cats in need of adoption. There are about 70 million stray animals in the United States. One coffee shop in the US has a great method for getting cats adopted. Crumbs & Whiskers not only sells coffee but has cute adoptable cats for customers to cuddle with. And who doesn’t love cat cuddles? From babies to cat lovers, anyone would appreciate a sweet cuddle from a cat. Well now Georgetown is getting a pop-up kitten lounge!

Women cuddling with kittens

Source: Crumbs & Whiskers/Facebook


Crumbs & Whiskers has partnered with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue to open a pop-up Kitten Lounge at 3109 M Street NW in Georgetown, Washington DC. They will be there from March to June 2019. All the kittens available for cuddles at the lounge will be up for adoption. They have partnered with other local rescue organizations in the past and say that they have “already facilitated 900 cat adoptions, with nearly 1,900 cats saved from euthanasia, and more than $25,000 donated to charity.” Their goal is to save 500 kittens this Spring!

The idea of a kitten lounge is not only adorable, but totally inspiring. We hope they crush their goal and help as many kittens as possible find their furever home!

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Lead Image Source: Crumbs & Whiskers/Facebook