Around the world, “meat” consists of different animals and living beings. While in places like North America, it’s not common to eat dogs and cats, it does occur in certain parts of the world. Fortunately, in the last few years, the practice has been getting shut down. Indonesia, Hanoi, and online retailer, Pin Duo Duo have all pledged to end the dog and cat meat trade. However, there is still much progress to be made around the world. In Tianjin, China, the dog and cat meat trade operates illegally. Dogs and cats are not recognized as livestock, but many pets are stolen to be slaughtered and sold.

Recently, a distraught pet owner who lost his cat contacted the animal activist group, China Animal Protection Power (CAPP) and tipped them off about an illegal slaughterhouse in Tianjin. On December 1st, the CAPP raided the slaughterhouse and found a total of 375 cats crammed into 24 wire cages. Huang, a member of the CAPP described the experience: “They were cages of misery. The hungry and sick cats cried louder when we approached them, as if asking us to help them.”


The good news in this horrifying story is that the CAPP rescued the cats and is trying to place them in shelters and homes in the Tianjin area. Even better, they are negotiating with the police department to shut down the illegal slaughterhouse for good and “a legislative ban on the trade” is their ultimate goal.

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Lead Image Source: Kasefoto/Shutterstock