Cats are complicated animals. They are as proud as they are playful, as hyper as they are lazy and as sweet as they are tough. In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods, and they (our feline friends) have not forgotten this. Unlike other domestic animals, cats have a reputation for doing their own thing, which is awesome when their thing is giving love to their humans! If there’s one thing that all cats are experts at, it’s snuggling, which is what makes them so lovely to be around. In this video, we see a super snuggle going down, as cat guardian Christos Segos welcomes this cuddly kitty into his bed.

Living with animals has a large number of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress. In fact, recent research has shown that we begin to de-stress just by looking at animals in videos. Whether it is in person or online, this kitty seems pretty keen on helping everyone into relaxation mode! By opening our homes to animals, we open our hearts to all of the love that comes with them.


Have you loved an animal today?