A win for the birds! France’s highest appeals court ruled that hunting songbirds using cruel glue traps is now illegal. The practice breaches European legislation.

Historically, hunters in the south of France coated tree branches with glue to catch songbirds, for sport or food. Activists say the practice damages birds’ wings and could injure them. While European law has banned the practice since 1979, France had an exemption to the ban.

Campaign groups were against the practice and brought legal action against the French environment ministry. Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, head of the French bird protection league, told AFP, “Finally we’re turning the page on this hunting practice from another time, and are entering the 21st century that is more respectful of the environment.”

Previously, France allowed an annual quota of 42,000 birds. The court’s ruling said that birds would suffer irreparable harm and that hunters did not show enough proof to the contrary.

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Sign this petition to demand that conservation officials in European countries with wildlife-dense beaches enact leash laws during nesting season so that birds don’t get scared away from their nests!

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