A donkey that recently lost his best friend is having happier days now, The Donkey Sanctuary reported. Topper, a fourteen-year-old Poitou donkey, lived with Amber at the Wilshire, England sanctuary. Topper was left alone when Amber lost her life to cancer.

Around the same time, Dolly the donkey had been brought to the sanctuary. Dolly’s mood wasn’t great and welfare adviser Justine Thomas thought that companionship might perk her up.

Justine Thomas, Donkey Welfare Adviser at The Donkey Sanctuary, said,  “Donkeys form strong and long-lasting friendships and much prefer the company of their own kind, so it was very important that we found Topper a new donkey companion. Dolly turned out to be the perfect partner.”

Poitou donkeys are known for their size. Dolly is particularly tall so she’s a great match for Topper.


Topper’s owner and Dolly’s new Guardian, Sarah-Jane Newton, said, “Topper was clearly in distress at being on his own and I was extremely concerned for his welfare, even to the extent that the whole family slept out in the garden summerhouse right next to his stable, just to keep him company at night. The Donkey Sanctuary was amazing. Justine and the team pulled out all the stops and Dolly soon arrived. Topper was beside himself with happiness when he saw her, and although Dolly needed some time to settle in and get used to her new environment, they both desperately needed a best friend and bonded almost immediately.”

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