Factory farmed chickens in the UK are found to be bred to become full size in 35 days, according to animal charity RSPCA. Their investigation found that a billion birds are harmed with these growth techniques that cause internal organ damage, among other problems.

This breeding time is twice as fast as the 1950s. Genetics companies have made these changes possible. Chickens’ lungs and hearts cannot cope with speed of growth. These fast-growing birds are twice as likely to be culled or die due to poor health. They are 3.5 times more likely suffer from leg sores and lameness.


The RSCPA is calling on fast food restaurants to stop using birds that are bred in this way. RSPCA’s Kate Parkes said, “People are eating more chicken because they think it’s a healthy option but they would be horrified by the suffering these birds endure by being born into bodies which simply grow too fast. The scale of this problem is vast… and we need to tackle it quickly. This study is the first of its kind in the UK to compare these fast-growing birds with a slower-growing breed and the results are clear: the genetics of these breeds impacts their welfare to such an extent that many could be considered as having a life not worth living. They are far more likely to experience serious suffering from health issues like lameness, heart attack and hockburn to an inability to live the “normal” life of a chicken.”

Sign the RSCPA’s petition to stop this type of chicken breeding.

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