Video footage shows a herd of wild boars crossing the road in Berlin as police stop traffic to let them through. More than 20 wild boar crossed the road at the same time in the Zehlendorf section of the German city.

Over 3,000 boar are said to live in Berlin and citizens are used to spotting them. There’s even a special team trained by the city to deal with them when they come into the city.


People are used to the boar but often marvel at their choice of routes to get around the city and search for food. Berlin’s wildlife commissioner Derk Ehlert said, “I never cease to be astonished by how wild boars and their young deliberately choose pedestrian crossings to cross roads.”

Germany is slowly easing lockdown measures put into place by the coronavirus pandemic. Animals around the world have used the absence of people to wander into streets and other places usually filled by humans. In one California town, goats escaped and roamed the streets.

In the clip, the boar are running at a pretty fast pace, with piglets leading the way. See the boar running across the street in the tweet below:

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