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Elderly cats, though frail and older, have a lot of love to give and still have value in this world. They may often be overlooked, but they are worth the effort if you want a loving companion by your side.

If you are interested in why you should adopt an elderly cat, there are a lot of reasons why this can be a great idea for you. They might not be the most popular kind of cat, but they deserve love just as much as all of those adorable kittens.

1. They are Loving

One thing that many people don’t seem to realize is that elderly cats are incredibly loving. They have oftentimes moved past their independent stage and want to be loved.

Elderly cats are perfect for lounging in bed with or snuggling with in the evenings. They soak up any love you give them and love spending time with you.

2. They Deserve to Have a Home

Even though they may be older and have already lived most of their life, elderly cats still deserve to find their forever home. Like any animal, they still want to feel loved, even if they are older. 

Elderly animals aren’t the most popular for adoption, leaving many to live out the rest of their lives in a shelter. This can be uncomfortable and stressful as they need more care and attention than many other cats.

3. Elderly Cats are Extra Cuddly

If you are going to adopt an elderly cat, you have to be ready to get all of the cuddles. Elderly cats love to cuddle and try to keep you in one place all day long.

They are peaceful creatures and would happily lay in your lap from sun up to sundown. However, unlike younger cats, they are more inclined to receive your attention and enjoy it.

Many elderly cats have lost their independent and rebellious streak and want to spend time with their owners.

4. They Make Great Companions

As you can already probably tell, elderly cats make great companion animals. They love to stay by your side and are generally low-energy and peaceful creatures.

Whether you work from home or like to spend your days off at home, they make great companions to help you wind down and relax.

Elderly cats don’t want to play as much and are happy to have a movie night with you or sleep in on a Saturday morning.

5. Many People Don’t Adopt Elderly Animals

One big reason to adopt an elderly cat is that many people do not adopt elderly cats. Most adopt younger animals because they want to be able to spend more time with them.

It is understandable why many want to adopt younger cats, but there are still so many elderly cats that deserve a chance. Elderly cats have just a lot of love to give and will happily spend all of their remaining years with you if you give them the opportunity.

Tips for Caring for Elderly Cats

If you decide to adopt an elderly cat, there are just a few things that you will want to know about. Though most elderly cats are relatively low maintenance, some do require more thoughtful care.

It is a good idea to be a bit more watchful of elderly cats to make sure their health is in good shape at all times.

Avoid Strain on Their Joints

One thing to always keep in mind with elderly cats is their joints. Cats tend to put a lot of strain on their joints over their lifetime, which catches up to them in old age.

Try to avoid things that could put a strain on your elderly cat’s joints, this could include bending down to drink water or jumping onto a hard surface.

You can’t avoid all kinds of joint strain, but you can try to prevent it by raising their water bowls or putting a step stool by furniture they like to sit on.

Give Them Plenty of Places to Sleep

Elderly cats, like all cats, love to sleep at all hours of the day and night; because of this, it is important to give them several options.

Try to give them a variety of beds, such as cat beds, pillows, blankets, and pieces of cat-friendly furniture. This will allow them to comfortably rest as often as they need to.

Create Stimulation

Though they may be elderly, they still need a certain amount of mental and physical stimulation

Try to have daily playtime with some cat-friendly toys to get them up and moving about. You can also give them a window to look out of or a screen with something on it that they can watch.

Have Regular Vet Appointments

It is important to have yearly vet appointments with any pet, but it is even more important for elderly animals.

Try to have several vet appointments lined up for your elderly cat per year. This is important as it can help you identify serious health issues early on. It will also help you know if your cat is experiencing any pain.

Keep an Eye on Their General Health

In general, it is important to keep an eye on your elderly cat. How are they acting? Do they seem different? Are they eating regularly and drinking like usual?

Keeping an eye on their behavior and habits can help you identify when something isn’t quite right.

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