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We love cats, but boy do they shed! Cats seem to shed a whole coat of hair every day over our nice furniture and clothes. It can feel like an endless battle.

Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can better keep your cat’s hair under control to reduce shedding and keep your home looking cleaner.

Tips to Help Your Cat Shed Less

These tips to help your cat shed less are very effective and can greatly reduce the cat hair dispersed through your home.

They aren’t foolproof, which is why there are some extra tips on how to better control cat hair. There is always going to be some cat hair in your home no matter what you do, but these tips can really help!

Brush Them Frequently

No one wants to hear it, but the true key to helping your cat shed less is to brush, brush, brush!

Brushing your cat is the best way to stop shedding in its tracks. At least for the most part. It helps to remove all of that hair that is just waiting to fall out around your house.

The best brush to use to tackle shedding is a de-shedding brush meant to target that fluffy undercoat. It is almost always the undercoat that is shedding, which is why cats that don’t have it shed much less.

This type of brush will help to pull excess undercoat away to prevent it from shedding everywhere.

The extra benefit to brushing is you are also keeping your cat’s coat fresh and clean and their skin happy. As you are brushing your pet, you are distributing their natural oils, which keep their skin and coat moisturized.

This can also cut back on dandruff and help with hairballs!

Keep Them Hydrated

If you want to help your cat shed less, they might need more water. Sometimes excessive shedding can be linked back to dehydration.

This doesn’t always have to be a big deal. Most of the time your cat just isn’t stopping by the water bowl enough throughout the day.

The best way to help your cat stay hydrated is to give them soft food since it has more water in it. If your cat isn’t a picky eater, you could even add water to their dry food to create a cat porridge.

You could also try giving the wet food treats or ice cubes to lick on. These are great ways to reward your cat for being the best as well as keep them hydrated.

Change Their Food

Sometimes our cats shed because they have allergies. This can happen if there is an ingredient in their food that isn’t sitting right with them.

Cat foods are often not made with the best ingredients as many contain all kinds of grains, which are not even close to being a natural part of a cat’s diet.

Between grains, preservatives, and flavorings, cat food can sometimes start to cause an allergic reaction in your cat. This can be as mild as making them shed more. You might also notice more dandruff.

The best way to fix this issue is to start buying a better brand of cat food that caters to their natural way of eating.

Give Them Oil or Fats

Whether your feline friend is shedding because of their diet, allergies, or dehydration. Giving your cat more fats is a great option. While many people opt for fish oil to moisturize their cat’s skin and hair, you can also find plant-based alternatives that will still give them a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This includes an Algal Plus Omega Fatty Acids Supplement or Micro Algae Food Supplement Powder.

How to Control Cat Hair in Your Home

Want more tips on how to help your cat shed less and keep a less hairy home? Here are some more hacks to help you get rid of all of that cat hair in your house.

Have Designated Cat Places

One way to control cat hair in your home if you can’t help your cat shed less is to give them designated places to hang out.

This could be a dog bed or a cat bed as well as a pillow or special blanket. You can use these items to control the cat hair as they will mainly shed on that spot. Making it easier to clean up all of that cat hair!

Vacuum Frequently

If you have a cat, then you will want to vacuum frequently, such as every other day. This will greatly help to control all of that cat hair and reduce the amount in your home.

Try to invest in a heavy-duty vacuum that can pull up cat hair from furniture and carpet.

Add Items to Dryer

One amazing tip for cat owners is to throw hairy items in the dryer. This can be anything from blankets to animal beds to clothes.

Throw these hairy items into the dryer on the fluff or no heat cycle. Let them toad around in there for 20 to 30 minutes.

This will help to pull out cat hair and send it to the dust catcher in your dryer. This is an easy way to remove excess cat hair from items that are larger.

Use Rubber Gloves

Using a wetted rubber glove to wip[e up cat hair is amazingly effective. All you have to do is put on gloves like a pair of rubber cleaning gloves and wet the surface.

Then rub your hands over hair furniture, carpet, blankets, or animal beds. This will help to scoop the cat hair up into piles that you can then throw away. Just like that!

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