You know the days when you run to catch a train and then, as you sprint towards your job – ten minutes late – you step in a puddle and have to deal with wet socks all day. We all have bad days and they can leave you feeling, well, bad. However, the love of a good animal is enough to pull anybody out of a funk. Seriously. It’s been scientifically proven that having a furry companion can vastly improve our mental well-being. Coming home to a four-legged friend can actually make us happier people on a day to day basis. The cheering power of pets is not limited to brightening up your day, though, animal companions are often used to aid the terminally ill with surprisingly effective results.

Recently, several rescue organizations have brought the power of neglected animals to communities of senior citizens  – and both parties are extremely happy about the pairing. Hearts That Purr is an animal rescue based out of Tucson whose mission is to find homes for cats whose owners have passed away or are no longer capable of taking care of them. Because of this, most of the animals that come into their care are older and, while there are numerous benefits to adopting an older pet, it is sometimes difficult to find them homes. That is until Hearts that Purr started a program to pair seniors with rescued cats.


Heart’s that Purr started a Feline Rescue and Retirement Home To provide “shelter and loving care” for senior cats.

But this is no ordinary kitty retirement home. Heart’s That Purr finds senior caretakers for their animals and foots the bill for the cats. This means that senior citizens on a tight budget can still seek solace in a feline friend.

This financial support is invaluable to many seniors.

Meet Donna and Putty. Donna’s Husband Eddie recently passed away and her doctor recommended that she get a cat. They have been fast friends ever since. 

As Donna explained to The Arizona Sun, “I would never have taken in another animal if she weren’t taking on the vet bills, I couldn’t afford it.” Her daughter noticed that her mother’s health and mood was vastly improved with Putty in her life.

Hearts That Purr has done this for numerous other seniors, like Millie and Bunch.


And Eddie and Kay.



To help Hearts That Purr continue to support seniors and kit-izens, you can donate at their website or join their kickball team for a game. You’ll have the cutest fans in the league!

Images Sourced by Hearts That Purr and The Arizona Sun