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Animal rights activists tend to see the world a little differently because animal issues are always on our radar. We have become aware of the injustices taking place in our world against animals and we feel compelled to do something about it.

Some of us are outspoken in proclaiming we are an Animal rights activist and others tend to shy away from the title. We may sign petitions, stage protests, cook really great vegan food, or foster animals, to give a small handful of examples. Or, if you’re like Anonymous, you use your collective activist power to hack into government websites in the name of Animal rights.

We say, whatever sort of animal activist you are, embrace your inner power to create positive change!

Read over our list to see if you are an Animal rights activist just waiting to spread your wings. Share this list with friends to see what items ring most true for them, too!

1. When you’re at the dog park and your dog meets a new friend that you notice isn’t neutered and you really want to talk to that dog’s human about pet overpopulation and if they’ve considered neutering.


Image Source: Tim Dorr/Flickr

2. You try and look at the labels of other people’s clothing if you think it’s made from an animal product. You can be found secretly “scratching” to see if shoes are made of leather.


Image Source:Twentyfour Students/Flickr

3. If you’re invited to a non-vegan party and you automatically say, “Will there be vegan options? I can bring something delicious!”


Image Source: Ramsey Beyer /Flickr

4. Visiting makes you both really excited to see rescue groups doing a great thing, and sad because you can’t foster them all – there’s only so much space in your house!


Image Source: Fen Labalme / Wikimedia

5. It takes you a week to make a new purchase because you have to research the ingredients or materials of your new item. Thinking of getting a new shampoo? Better Google that for the next 20 minutes and make sure it’s not tested on animals, oh, and check out that parent company too while you’re at it.


Image Source: Eliazar Parra Cardenas / Flickr

6. Your car’s trunk is full of different protest signs, and leaflets abound on your backseat.


Image Source: Travis Rigel Lukas Horn / Flickr

7. Your social media feeds are full of the latest undercover investigations, Animal rights victories, and pictures of friends with rescued animals.


Image Source: Enoc Vt / Wikimedia

8. In casual conversation, mundane things remind you of an Animal rights statistic. For example, someone mentions a clown and you feel the fact pop up in the back of your mind that every major circus that uses animals has been cited for violating the minimal standards of care set by the United States Animal Welfare.


Image Source: Trialsanderrors / Wikimedia

9. Sending mail is a cinch, because you are a member of so many different organizations,  you always have a steady supply of cards, address labels, and free stamps sent to you all the time.


Image Source: AlishaV / Flickr

10. When you see a stack of papers with an animal image on them, you feel the sudden urge to leaflet to anyone nearby.


Image Source: Mike Benedetti / Flickr

11. Finding a bug in your house, you take a Tupperware container and a piece of paper, and catch it to release it safely outside and say goodbye.


Image Source: Donmike 10 / Wikimedia

12. Instead of Google, you use Goodsearch to raise money for your favorite Animal rights organization.


Image Source: Wikimedia

In conclusion, you’re pretty awesome and you are bound to do great work for animals, so keep it up!

Lead Image Source: Will Potter/Flickr