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If you are worried about your cat’s health or feel like they aren’t being themselves, this article might prove useful. Familiarizing yourself with these signs is important since cats are private creatures and are good at hiding any discomfort. When in doubt, however, take your cat to the vet. Sometimes every second can count for your fur baby. 

Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Cat’s Health

Source: Jaw-Dropping Facts/YouTube

1. Urinating Outside the Litter Box

If your cat is usually very well behaved and starts to urinate outside their litter box, it can be a strong sign that something is wrong with their health. This is often an indication of kidney issues or a urinary tract infection. Both can become serious very quickly if not addressed soon enough.

2. They’re Dirty or Matted

If your cat is usually very clean and good at grooming themselves, a dirty or matted coat can be a sign that something just isn’t right. If they stop grooming themselves, they might be in pain, which could indicate more serious health conditions.

3. Vomiting

Sometimes cats vomit out of the blue after overeating, eating too fast, or when they have a hairball. These instances shouldn’t concern you, but if they begin to repeatedly vomit for no reason, this could be a sign of something more serious. There are all kinds of illnesses and intestinal blockages that could cause vomiting. So if it happens repeatedly, it is best to check it out.

4. Lack of Appetite

A loss of appetite in your cat can also indicate something is wrong. If they go a day or two without eating, this should be addressed quickly.

5. Fatigue

Cats are naturally pretty lazy and enjoy sleeping for most of the day, so this can be a hard sign to catch. But if you start to notice your cat acting fatigued, that could be a side effect of something serious. If you notice your cat acting lethargic, you should schedule a vet visit just in case.

6. Limping

If your cat starts to limp, this should be an immediate cause of concern. This could indicate an injury, a chronic disease, or general pain. Limping of any kind should always be addressed as soon as possible to determine the cause. Cats are stoic creatures, and sometimes they can be hurt without us knowing.

7. Irritability or Aggression

A sudden change in behavior such as irritability or aggression can be a sign that your cat’s health isn’t as it should be. These could indicate that your cat is hurting or not feeling quite themselves.

8. Excessive Grooming

Excessive grooming will often show up as balding spots or red and irritated-looking skin. Cats often overgroom if they are stressed or hurting. But overgrooming can also be a sign of more severe health conditions.

9. Walking in Circles

If your cat starts to walk in circles, immediately take them to the vet. This could be a sign of an ear infection, head trauma, or a more serious disorder. Either way, this is not a symptom that you want to ignore.

10. Excessive Thirst

If your cat is becoming excessively thirsty and is drinking way more water than usual, there may be something wrong with your cat’s health. This is often a sign of a kidney issue or bladder infection, but other illnesses can cause this side effect as well.

11. Hiding

If your cat does not normally hide or has no reason to hide, hiding can be a sign of something wrong with your cat’s health. They could be experiencing behavioral changes such as fear or be feeling poorly and trying to escape.

Source: Helpful Vancouver Vet/YouTube

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Now that you know what signs to look for in a cat that is having issues with their health, here are a few tips to help your cat stay healthy and happy. The sooner you start to care for their health, the better!

Have Regular Vet Checkups

No matter the age, all cats should have a few yearly vet appointments. This is important just to keep on top of your cat’s health and will help you to catch illnesses in time.

Source: Cats Protection/YouTube

Keep Them at a Healthy Weight

Cats can tend to become overweight to the point of becoming obese. As cute as fat cats can be, it is bad for their health and will shorten their life. It can also be very hard on their joints and lower the quality of their life by giving them chronic pain issues.

Feed Them Good Food

One way you can manage your cat’s weight and keep them healthy is to give them good food. Cats should eat as high-quality a diet as you can afford. Try to avoid heavily processed cat foods with all kinds of fillers. They should have plenty of protein and natural fats.

Keep Them Active

A healthy cat will be one that stays relatively active, which will also do wonders for their weight. Keeping your cat active will help them stay mentally sharp and help to reduce their risk of joint pain. It will also keep them happier and give them a more fulfilling life.

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