A beautiful little dog with an unusual face has stolen many hearts, and we are fairly sure he is going to steal your heart, too!

At just four months old, an examination by a shelter vet revealed that deformities and severe swelling in the right side of the head and jaw of this beautiful boy — now named Squish — meant he was in a lot of trouble. Squish could barely open his mouth or get his tongue between his teeth, making it virtually impossible for him to feed himself.


An article in The Dodo explained that the vet believed that Squish was suffering from an infection, potentially from an animal bite. As he got bigger, Squish improved, but although the swelling subsided, his face became sunken, and his ability to open his jaw lessened even further.

Poor Squish became thinner and thinner. Further checkups led vets to the conclusion that poor Squish had suffered a blunt force trauma to his head. Believing that the best option for Squish was for him to be euthanized, the shelter kept him on the list for being put down. But Dr. Danielle Boyd, when asked to pick up another dog for an examination, came face-to-face with the loveable Squish and was unable to snatch her eyes away.

 Boyd said, “I was enamored by this little one-eyed pup who clearly endured so much pain.” Unable to resist his charms, Boyd took Squish home for the evening, and this beautiful little boy came to life. Dr. Heldmann, the surgeon who had initially thought Squish couldn’t be saved, performed a complex operation that freed Squish’s lower jaw from his upper, and for the first time in his sad, short life, Squish could open his mouth!

Squish has led quite the adventurous life since this life-saving surgery. He moved to Texas, where Boyd could complete her veterinary residency. He had another surgery in 2016 when his jaw began to shut again, which unfortunately meant the removal of parts of his jawbone and an eye. But here is Squish, fighting and full of life and love, after everything he has been through. And wearing a favorite hat! 

Dogs like Squish are often overlooked in shelters by people who are searching for cute, perfect puppies to bring into their homes. It is vital that these beautiful dogs get just as much love and attention as the other dogs around them. None of us are picture-perfect at all times, after all! A dog with a deformity like Squish is just as loving and playful as any other dog. Look at this little face. How is it possible to resist?! Please consider adopting a dog like Squish today if you are looking for your next companion animal.


Image Source: A Pup Named Squish