Even if you didn’t grow up with dogs, it’s likely that you’ve never thought of them as food but only as the beloved companions to humans all across the globe. Unfortunately, there are parts of the world where dogs are raised for meat in the same fashion that we raise farm animals right here in the U.S.

South Korea is the only known country in the world that commercially farms dogs for meat. No matter what the size of the farm, conditions for the dogs on these meat farms are always horrid — dogs are kept in small cages with no beds and they often go without adequate food and water. As tough as it is to stomach the idea of man’s best friend being locked away in a tiny cage as they fearfully await a grim fate, there are people out there who are working to make things better for these animals. Florence, the dog in the photos below, was once one of these dogs but back in March, she was rescued by Humane Society International and brought to the Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO) branch.


Before she was rescued, Florence the dog was confined to a small, rusty cage on a Korean meat farm. 


This poor dog’s back legs were severely deformed, most likely due to spending her entire life in a cage. Once at HSCO, the staff prepared Florence for surgery with the hopes of one day helping her walk.

florence b

Both of Florence’s leg surgeries were a huge success! Because she was raised in a cage, Florence never knew that humans could be wonderful. But with the help of her foster mom, she’s slowly been getting ready for a forever home.

florence c

Florence’s silly puppy-like personality has started to emerge.


And thanks to the tireless efforts of the humans around her, Florence is growing strong enough to run and play with all of her might.

florence d



In a little over seven months’ time, Florence has gone from a dog who couldn’t trust humans to the loving, energetic pup she is today. She’s growing stronger every day and takes on her physical therapy sessions in an underwater treadmill with nothing less than enthusiasm. According to HSCO, “she tries so hard at every exercise, and is the best rehab patient ever,” and soon she’ll be ready to find her forever family. We know this stellar pup will find them.

To see what a trooper this pup is during her therapy sessions, check out this video posted by Humane Society International:



To learn more about Humane Society of Central Oregon, visit their official website.


All image source: Humane Society of Central Oregon/Facebook