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Tracey Stewart – wife of Jon Stewart, former host of The Daily Show– has revealed in a striking new interview with The New York Times that she intends to publish a book called “Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better.”

She considers the book to be a kind of “payback” for all the ways in which animals have helped her through life, and paid special homage to a Pit Bull named Enzo whom she adopted in the mid-1990s. “Enzo showed me what could be wholesome and good in a relationship,” she explained. “My entire life would have been different if it weren’t for my leaving California with Enzo.”

During the interview, Tracey – who is vegan – also revealed that Jon has now adopted a vegetarian diet, though he is “still a little afraid to say it out loud.” She has advised her husband not to worry or overanalyze his journey toward a plant-based lifestyle, but to focus instead on learning how to see animals as individuals with rights, desires, and personalities of their own. On this basis, his compassion for them is likely to grow and flourish.

“I’d like people to start to look at animals as individuals,” she said. “If everyone did a bit more, if they fell in love a bit more, so much could happen. It doesn’t have to be going vegan. You can advocate for them. You can show tenderness. You can play music for them. I really hope people can connect with animals the way most of us did as children. … We talk about taking in ‘rescue animals.’ But the truth is, just as often, they rescue us.”

On a number of occasions during his time as host of The Daily Show, Jon used it as a platform to speak out against animal abuse. He slammed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to veto a ban on gestation crates for pigs on factory farms, helped raise awareness of the catastrophic impact the ivory trade has had on African elephants, and also called out actor Liam Neeson over his opposition to a proposed ban on abusive horse carriage rides in New York City.

The Stewarts are also planning to build a farm animal sanctuary! Tracey, a former veterinary technician, found that when she took time out from working directly with animals, her mood and happiness level suffered.

Spending time with animals gives her a sense of serenity and fulfilment.

Tracey Stewart Reveals the One Thing She Told Jon That Made Him Change the Way He Eats


In another twist of amazing news, the Stewarts announced that they would be partnering with Farm Sanctuary when to open their haven for farm animals. The Stewart’s sanctuary in Middleton, New Jersey will officially be home to Farm Sanctuary’s fourth location, joining the ranks of the Watkin’s Glen, NY, Los Angeles, and Orland, California, sanctuaries.Jon and Tracey broke the news at Farm Sanctuary’s gala.

“We’re getting married. Farm Sanctuary and us, we’re getting married,” Tracey said at the event,”We’re going to build new advocates, new curious learners, and new leaders for this very important movement.”

And what a lovely marriage indeed!  We wish the Stewarts well on their new journey toward fostering a compassionate and wonderful environment for animals!

Lead Image Source: The Plaid Zebra

In-text Image Source: New York Times

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111 comments on “Tracey Stewart Reveals the One Thing She Told Jon That Made Him Change the Way He Eats”

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Kirsten Lassen-Smith
2 Years Ago

Great couple, congrats

Elena Shepard
2 Years Ago

Just doin the right thing, love ya much!

Estrella Rosenberg
2 Years Ago

One Green Planet you guys should follow NJ Animal Observer

Estrella Rosenberg
2 Years Ago

Alan Rosenberg

Ina Merritt
2 Years Ago

Bless you guys!!! Vegan is easy....especially after watching a movie called"Earthlings." It feels so WONDERFUL to be a part of the solution instead of being part of the problem!!!

Cheri Peavy
2 Years Ago

#Amen #GoGoGo #GoGoGo

Jill Gualtieri DeCaro
2 Years Ago

I am so beyond thrilled with this. I have always loved him and it just makes sense that he is married to such an awesome person. I can't wait for this sanctuary to open I will definitely be visiting and would sooooo love to work there!! I will be ordering several copies of the book for Christmas gifts!!

Kathy Johnson
2 Years Ago

If we could start treating animals as individuals that matter, maybe someday it will spill over into our treatment of each other.

Robert Glenday
2 Years Ago

The worst is the way we cherish these animals,,, look after them,, then EAT them!!!!!! Barbarous behaviour.

Sharon Klupt McRae
2 Years Ago

Matthew Sikora


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