Beagles are some of the friendliest dogs around. They are affectionate, eager-to-please, and undeniably loyal. Unfortunately, the very characteristics that make beagles such great companion animals, are the same ones that make them desirable to puppy mills and animal testing facilities. Before a new pharmaceutical, pesticide, or chemical such as a food additive, is made available to the public, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration requires that it be rigorously tested on animals. Due to their docile nature, beagles are often used as research subjects. Beagles are poisoned with experimental substances – either via force-feeding, injection, or skin application – to measure toxicity. This is the reality for thousands of dogs and cats each year. As if this wasn’t bad enough, when testing is done, often times the animals are euthanized.

Well, great news Green Monsters! New York has become the fifth state to pass Beagle Freedom Legislation that will require animal testing facilities to call the Beagle Freedom Project, or another non-profit rescue organization, when the dogs and cats are done with their testing. Hurray, justice! Now these animals will have a chance to recuperate from being tested on, experience the love and care they were denied, and hopefully find a forever home. As the Beagle Freedom Project relays on their Facebook page,  “This is an incredible victory…New York is one of the largest pharmaceutical testing states, not to mention one of the largest breeding states for dogs in labs, thereby making it one of the most difficult to pass.”


We have a feeling this new law is gonna make a lot of beagles verrrry happy. 




While ideally, New York would be passing legislation to put an end to all animal testing, it is important for us to celebrate these small victories, as well. Although many beagles will still have to endure the traumatizing experience of testing, this new law will at least ensure that they are able to reclaim their lives at some point. We look forward to hearing about all of the former lab beagles going onto forever homes thanks to this new legislation!

Image source: SomPhoto/Shutterstock