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Could you imagine any scenario where a dog could exist for the majority of their lives without ever tasting a treat? Now this might sound like a strange sort of riddle, but it is the sad reality for dogs who are not allowed to have loving forever homes but are forced into sad lives in labs instead. Many people are surprised to learn that thousands of dogs are subjected to horrific lives in laboratories and testing facilities. Beagles are the favorite of the testing industry because of their mellow and docile nature. In labs, these pups undergo extreme pain and are poisoned with experimental substances via force-feeding, injection, or skin application, in order to measure toxicity. Some facilities even remove dog’s voice boxes to keep them from making too much noise during their trials. Most heartbreaking of all, most dogs are put down once they are no longer of use.

Thankfully, there are many organizations working to put an end to this cruel practice and working to give dogs a life after the lab. Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) works to secure legislation that requires labs to retire animals after their trials are complete so that they can be rehabilitated and rehomed. So far, BFP has helped pass such legislation in Minnesota, California, and New York and are hoping to see more states adopt it soon.

There is arguably nothing better than seeing a dog who has only ever known the cold confines of a lab learn what it means to be a cherished companion. It is something we might overlook or take for granted as pet guardians, but seeing this photo of a group of recently rescued pups enjoying their very first treat is sure to make your heart leap.

This photo posted on the Beagle Freedom Project Facebook page highlights the epic moment these pups got to learn about the simple joy of treats! 




Adjusting to life outside of a lab can be a scary experience for these beagles, thankfully there are many dedicated volunteers and individuals working to help them every step of the way. Certainly, all dogs deserve to experience this sort of happy life. We can all help make this a reality by supporting the work of Beagle Freedom Project and sharing this post to raise awareness for animal testing.

Image source: LittleLif Photography/Facebook