These doggie pals are having a blast. Who doesn’t love hanging out with their buds?  Unfortunately, the dogs in this video, Copper and Emma‘s lives weren’t always so carefree. Both survived horrific pasts as laboratory test subjects before being released for adoption thanks to the help of Beagle Freedom Project.

Many people are unaware that in the U.S., hundreds of thousands of animals like cats and dogs are used to test pesticides, chemicals or pharmaceuticals each year.  Beagles are the breed of choice for testing due to their docile nature. In labs, they undergo extreme pain and poisoned with experimental substances via force-feeding, injection, or skin application, in order to measure toxicity.

As you might imagine, very few beagles actually make it out of testing alive. And for the lucky few who do, they are in need of a loving forever home!

Because of the hardworking folks at the Beagle Freedom Project, dogs like Copper and Emma will never enter a cruel laboratory again. This nonprofit group is working to enact state laws to ensure dogs used in taxpayer-funded research facilities are given to nonprofit rescue organizations rather than being killed. The sheer joy of freedom shown by Cooper and Emma is just further confirmation that the work this group does is truly life-changing.

To learn more about this incredible organization, visit their website and consider making a donation. Make sure to share this article and spread the word about cruel animal testing!