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Okay, okay … we are sure by now you have seen the photos. Queen B. herself, looking incredibly fabulous, wearing a floral lei and face paint, while out enjoying her holiday vacation in Thailand … the only not so fabulous part of these photos, the baby elephant underneath her. Oh ‘Yonce, what were you thinking!

While to some people, vacationing in Thailand and riding on the back of a baby elephant might seem fun, to us Green Monsters, these sort of attractions are nothing but cruel. Surely tourism agencies would tell you differently, but there is an incredible amount of suffering involved in Thai elephant tourism. The wee-baby elephant that Beyoncé has so happily perched herself upon, was likely taken from his mother and forced to endure a six-month “breaking” period, during which time he was locked in a small enclosure and continuously beaten by his mahouts (trainers). This process is said to strip the baby elephant of all his will to fight back against the mahout, once this is accomplished, they can be trained (by way of more pain and fear) to carry paying customers.

It is not unlikely that this poor elephant will spend everyday after this one carrying other tourists, exposed to the extreme heat and weather of Phuket, knowing little but a life of pain and misery. Asian elephants are incredibly social and emotional beings and forcing them to carry guests without proper breaks for food, water or rest is incredibly cruel. These elephants are forced to live in camps where they rarely get to interact with one another and when they are not working, they are chained in place for hours on end.

So Bey, before you start thinking about rewriting “Drunk in Love” to be “Trunk in Love,” please reconsider. Celebrities have the rare ability to influence an enormous number of people who look up to them, making it even more important for stars to think about the implications of their actions. Perhaps Beyoncé takes one ride on a baby elephant … then hundreds of thousands of others decide to follow and replicate this “adventure.”

Beyoncé is a huge proponent of being a strong, independent individual, so we entreat you to follow that example and say no to cruel elephant tourism – she might not know it yet, but once she figures it out, we truly believe Beyoncé will do the same.

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3 Years Ago

I hate to say this folks but I doubt Beyonce will give a crap about this unfortunate Elephant, nor what we might think about it. In fact I would not be surprised if she ran a dog fighting racket like Mike Vick did.

3 Years Ago

Is this woman completely stupid? If these are the types of people kids are calling role models then we are all doomed, I can\'t believe this, doesn\'t she have a clue about the pain these poor elephants go through? someone grab a hold of this dummy and shake some sense into her.

Steven Hulbert
3 Years Ago

Beyoncé has been an idiot, she goes to Cuba despite an embargo but Obozo says nothing. She is nothing but an attention whore and her husband a drug dealer. She thinks its fun to ride a baby elephant that has been taken from its mother. Her "fans" She will probably want to emulate adding to the misery of the elephant. She is nothing but a narcissist and unintelligent as they come, what a fool!

allen craig
31 Dec 2014

Hey retard, the writer has absolutely NO IDEA if the baby elephant was "taken from its mother" or not. Can you read? In fact, if you had any idea how captive elephants are bred and cared for, even in Thailand, you might realize that it\'s extremely unlikely that any baby elephant in captivity was "taken from its mother"—whatever the hell that means anyway.

And as far as the rest of your moronic comments about two of the most successful and respected entertainers to have ever lived, as well as one of the most intelligent and considered Presidents, you might want to keep them to yourself, so as to not reveal how incredibly stupid you are to however many readers this amature blog has.

Sherry Devine
3 Years Ago

Beyonce is an idiot. Safe to say she is not very bright. If she were , she would know how terrible it is for elephants, especially the babies, held in captivity and the brutality they have to endure by their ignorant mahouts.

Her ridiculous painted face sums up just who we are dealing with.


Mary Boiton
31 Dec 2014

I agree with that entirely! Wealth does produce some fake and stupid people!

31 Dec 2014

you are the idiot with the poor ass

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