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Following in the footsteps of Rhode Island, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Colorado, and California, Kentucky has recently become the eighth U.S. state to ban cruel veal crates! What great news!

Veal crates are notoriously cruel, much like other confinement systems in the factory farming industry, such as gestation crates and battery cages.

Farmed calves typically are only allowed about 16 weeks of life prior to slaughter, yet within their short lifespan, they endure a life of strict confinement, tethered by their necks to their small wooden crates, leaving them “virtually immobilized,” as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports.

While these crates are considered “industry standard,” other abuses have been documented via undercover investigations. For instance, a 2009 slaughter plant investigation conducted by the HSUS revealed calves being “kicked, slapped and repeatedly shocked with electric prods and subjected to other mistreatment.”

Thankfully, these abusers were caught and the plant was shut down a few months after the investigation’s release.

While it may be difficult to weed out and prosecute this type of abuse, it is possible for states to outlaw cruel “industry standard” practices to minimize animal suffering. In fact, it’s possible for entire countries to do this, like Canada recently has with the prohibition of gestation crates for breeding pigs.

Kentucky’s new veal crate ban, issued by the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission, will go into effect in 2018.

Although the ban will take some time to come into full force, it is certainly a step in the right direction and will provide a good example for other states to follow. (Can you believe Kentucky is only the eighth state in the U.S. to do this?!)

Unfortunately, the new rules passed by the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission did not include bans for tail docking, the painful practice of cutting off dairy cows’ tails often without anesthesia, and gestation crates.

“The commission made important progress by banning cruel veal crates, but it has a lot more work to do to fulfill its mandate of creating meaningful standards of care,” said Pam Rogers, Kentucky state director for the HSUS in a press release. “Kentucky should move quickly to ban the pork industry’s confinement of mother pigs in metal cages so small they can’t turn around and the cutting off of dairy cows’ tails.”

With pressure from nonprofit organizations and citizens, hopefully Kentucky will institute these other bans soon.

Image source: Jo-Anne MacArthur / We Animals

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52 comments on “Kentucky Bans Cruel Veal Crates!”

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Shelley Thawley
4 Years Ago

To elder Steve Joel moffet- on the 6th day God created plants and seeds for all people and animals to eat!

Ben Budd
4 Years Ago

Yaaaaaaaay! Well done kentucky! And may I also congratulate you on that delicious fried chicken you do!

Lynda Essman
4 Years Ago

I have these across the street from me. They're banned in Ohio? Someone should tell my neighbors. Probably the same old crap about not enforcing the law or allowing the people years and years to correct it. "It's only animals" is how these farmers think, really. The saddest part is when the farmer separates the babies from the mothers. They cry for hours for each other. It's unnatural and totally pisses me off and breaks my heart. The worst part about living out here.

Peter Miller
4 Years Ago

don't eat it EVER !!

Sandra Walters
4 Years Ago

Great news

Elder Steve Joel Moffett
4 Years Ago

Kill the cows, how could God command his people under the law to sacrifice live animals daily, if he did not place them on earth for consumption. Even God loves the slaughtered fatted calf! Try to save some of the people who are dying! PLEASE!

Sharmila De Cesario
4 Years Ago

a drop in the ocean

Gail Frericks
4 Years Ago

Veal calves are raised in poor conditions the picture in the article is not a veal crate it a calf hut and keeps them warm and dry used to raise dairy calves. Veal crates the can't move they are tube fed and are kept anemic because they don't give them iron that's what makes it veal. also they are kept in the dark only light is on when being fed. This is one farm practice i do think is very cruel. Not all farms are bad or abusive. Most of what you see in the news lean toward the bad ones.

Eva Moon
4 Years Ago

This made my day!! :)

Diane Podlogar
4 Years Ago

Now they need to stop calling them food


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